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Because good communication is good business!


It is nice to be in business. It is much nicer to be successful in business! The greatest difference between a good business and a great business comes from providing extraordinary customer care, and immediate information. That’s why we created ThruCHAT. ThruCHAT – It’s simple and it works. It simply works.

ThruCHAT is a simple tool to empower your emails:

With a ThruCHAT click-to-chat button or link embedded in your email, your customers are only one step away from Chatting with you.

ThruCHAT lets an email viewer “Chat” directly from an email to the sender’s cell phone, computer or any connected device when he or she is away from their office. ThruCHAT keeps email senders in business anywhere, anytime, even when they are away from their desk.

Any time prospect or client gets an email and clicks on the embedded ThruCHAT link, they can start an immediate, real-time Chat request. ThruCHAT will find the email sender wherever they are in about 5 seconds, with an immediate link to a live Chat Window on their smart phone, tablet, iPad, or any connected mobile device, so they can take that Chat right now!

Answer questions, provide information, push web pages, promote special offers, schedule next steps, do business! ThruCHAT finds you and keeps you connected! That’s Mobile Agility!

We want you to be more successful in your business than you’ve ever been. You have all heard: “Work smarter, not harder.” Welcome to the world of “Smarter.” Welcome to ThruCHAT!

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