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Have Questions about ThruCHAT for Business Professionals?

ThruCHAT powers live chat for consumers and businesses every day. These are some of the top questions we’ve been asked.

Q: I have a Windows PC at my office, but I use an iPhone or an iPad when out and about. Will ThruCHAT work on all of my devices?

A: The short answer is “YES!” ThruCHAT works on Windows PC’s, Mac PC’s, and almost any connected mobile device. It works seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Q: Can we use ThruCHAT to answer chat leads from third-party property search sites, as well as our own website?

A: Yes! You can use the same tools to answer chats from any websites where you put your Chat Link, which is great, because it lets you respond immediately to questions and requests for information.

Q: What if there isn’t always someone available to answer chats at the office, such as when we’re showing a home, or after business hours?

A: ThruCHAT can and will find you when you are out of the office, and will send you an email and a SMS Text with a link to immediately open a Chat dialogue from your connected mobile device. ThruCHAT can also be configured to send an email or SMS Text alert to a Teammate, contact center or office manager of your choice. In short, we know you won’t always be in the office, so we’ve designed our ThruCHAT and answering options to ensure you won’t ever miss a chat lead.

Q: Sometimes I notice that the ThruCHAT “Windows Taskbar” icon seems to disappear. How do I get it back?

A: On Windows, you can go to the “Show Hidden Icons” link on the right side of the Windows Taskbar (at the bottom of the Windows Desktop) and double-click on the ThruCHAT icon. This will bring the icon back to the Taskbar.

Q: How difficult is it to add ThruCHAT to a website?

A: It’s simple and takes just minutes to sign up. Our “Getting Started Guide” will take you through baby-steps to getting ThruCHAT working for you. ThruCHAT is also designed to plug right into your email Signature Block, or you can use the QR code immediately for any of your print ad campaigns. .

Q: Can I get leads on my mobile phone?

A: Yes. ThruCHAT allows you to Chat in real time with your clients directly from your mobile phone or any connected device.

Q: Who gets the inbound leads if we have multiple sales people available?

A: ThruCHAT can route chat requests in several different ways. The default is set to a specific person. However, we can notify additional people via email simultaneously, and the first to respond will engage in the Chat. An alternative setting is called “team routing.” Using this setting, the system attempts to equally distribute leads to each of the available agents. Either way, you can customize your chat software to meet your individual needs.

Q: Where can I see ThruCHAT in action?

A: Right here on our website. Use the ThruCHAT Live Chat button on the website to contact us and ask any additional questions you may have. You may also Schedule A Demo.

Q: What differentiates ThruCHAT from what any other chat vendor has?

A: ThruCHAT is the only chat provider with a chat application that can be deployed on the web, in advertising banners, in print and deployed within email campaigns. ThruCHAT follows you where ever you are so you can always be “in business’ and available to receive Chat requests. ThruCHAT can also be used to source metrics on campaigns through its unique identifier codes so you know where your money is working for you best.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Click on the Sign Up button and you can sign up in just a few minutes.